100 Million Coins

Contract Address: 0xAd17cd0A550eF4ecbB73789626dEc1326520b96d

NICK is ‘The Currency of Memes’ & has zero intrinsic value, built to be shared just for fun so there should be no expectations of profit.

Hard Rock Nick is a self proclaimed face of crypto and the go to guy for a cheesy paid shill. Now we’ve Memed him eternally on the blockchain as one of the wealthiest frogs in the world.

99% will be released on several dexes & 1% will be hodled by the treasury for marketing purposes in the Marketing Address: 0x42247CC8ec6cA577aE6FF10815268272C1CA3eF8.

Hop into the pond of adventure with Hard Frog Nick while he becomes the best meme dev ever !


DISCLAIMER: This token was created by one of the first memers on AVAX

donating some $NICK to Marketing address qualifies everyone for the airdrop coming soon 0x42247CC8ec6cA577aE6FF10815268272C1CA3eF8


50 Million coins were burned by community vote on NYE 2024

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